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Maui x Elvis DOB 10/26- 6 total

*Perry, Roderick- SOLD

~Juno, Camille, Arthur- $2500 

~Napoleon- $2000 

Shasta x Memphis DOB 10/31

~Halloween- $2000 pet only/$2500 full

Fame x Ash DOB 11/2

*Ciri, Triss- SOLD

~Dara- $2000 pet

~Yennifer- $1500 pet

~Cahir, Jaskier- $1000 pet 

Misty x Wick DOB 11/3

*Fiona, Mordrake, Donovan, Tate- SOLD

~Lana- $2000 pet

~Bruce- $1000 pet

*Violet, Twisty- ON HOLD

Upcoming Litters/Breedings for fall-winter 2023

~Fame x Ash(AKC/ASDR)- born Nov 2nd- blk tris avail- 16-18"

~Misty x Wick(AKC)- born Nov 3rd- 100% clear- dilutes, blk tri & blue merle- 15-18"

~Paisley x Elvis(ASDR)- due Dec 27th- all colors- 15-17"- Elvis' final litter*

~Dazzle x Gus- due January 7th- blk tri & blue merle- 16-19"

~Fantasy x Handsome(AKC/ASDR)- possibly due Jan 12th- all colors- 15-17"




Valley Essence Litters -

~Maui x Elvis (repeat cross)- born October 26th- 100% clear, all colors- 15-17" 25-35 lbs

~Izzy x Wick- due Jan 4th- all colors- 15-16"- 100% clear





Basic Price Ranges (individual pups can vary from this):

Pet ONLY (companion, no breeding):

~Black or red tri/bis- $1000-2000

~Blue or red merles- $2500-3000

Full Registration (approved homes only, breeding/show):

~Black or red tri/bis with blue eyes- $2000-2500

~Blue or red merles- $2500-3500

**Note- this is just a general range; puppies may be outside of this range at any given time based on a variety of reasons or potentially at a reduced rate we may be offering at a certain time.

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