Current Pups!

Icee x Cash "Legacies" theme litter born Sept 6th- 3!

16-18" AKC/ASDR litter

~Landon & Rafael- SOLD

~Hope- $800 pet/$1500 full


Brai x Rauri "Outlanders" theme litter born Sept 12th- 7!

15-17" AKC/ASDR litter

**Marsali, Brianna, Geillis, Jenny, Dougal, Jamie- SOLD

~Claire- $600 pet


Glitter's "The Originals" theme litter born Sept 12th- 7!

15-18" AKC/ASDR litter

**Cami, Klaus, Sophie, Rebekah, and Hayley- SOLD


~Freya- $800 pet

~Elijah- $800 pet/$1500 full

Bourbon x Rauri's "The Vampire Diaries" theme litter born Oct 23rd- 4!

15-17" AKC/ASDR litter

**Enzo, Damon and Stefan- SOLD

~Elena- $1500 brown/$2000 blue eyes


Zoom x Gus "The 100" theme litter

born October 27th- 10!

16-18" AKC/ASDR litter

**Clarke, Abi- SOLD

**Lexa ON HOLD- $2500

~Octavia or Raven- $1200 pet/$1800 full rights

~Josephine- $800 pet only

~Madi- $1500 pet/$1800 full

~Bellamy- $800 pet/$1200 full

~Dax- $1000 pet/$1500 full

~Finn- $1200 pet/$1500 full


Mia x Gus "Halloween/fall" litter

born October 31st- 4!

16-18" AKC/ASDR litter

**Patch- SOLD

~Jack- $1200 pet/$1500 full

~Cider- $800 pet only

~Rosemary- $800 brown/$1200 blue (pet prices)


Cynder x Gus "Teen Wolf" litter

born Nov 7th- 6!

14-16" AKC/ASDR

~Allison- $2000

~Lydia- $1000 pet only

~Kira- $1000 brown/$2000 blue

~Scott or Stiles- $1500 pet/$2000 full

~Jackson- $1000 brown/$1500 blue (pet)


Upcoming Breedings for fall/winter 2019

~Cynder x Gus (AKC/ASDR)= born Nov 12th- blk tris/bis & blue merles; 14-16" sizes

~Echo x Flynn (AKC/ASDR)= due Dec 23rd- blk tris/blue merles; 15-17" sizes




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